Klonopin – The risk of depression

Another contraindication to Klonopin is increased intraocular pressure, including acute angle-closure glaucoma. However, this tranquilizer can be taken with open-angle glaucoma.


The risk of depression, suicidal thoughts or mood swings increasesin Klonopin use. Therefore, patients with behavioral disorders are encouraged to regularly visit psychological counselingduring the course of Klonopin.


  • Pregnant women should observe precaution measures, while using Klonopin.
  • In case a woman gets pregnant during the anticonvulsant therapy, an assessment should be made of her benefit-risk ratio for continuing Klonopin.
  • With a low frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures, women can suspend the course of Klonopin during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to take Klonopin for the treatment of panic disorder.


The results of clinical studies prove a low probability of drug interaction in simultaneous use of Klonopin with other anticonvulsants, including Tegretol, Luminal or Dilantin.


Nevertheless, the likelihood of adverse reactions of Klonopin increases, when it is used in conjunction with barbiturates, antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, anticonvulsants or alcohol.


High Klonopin efficiency, as well as its favorable safety profile are confirmed by the results of several clinical studies. With regular use, Klonopin effectively helps to lower the frequency of epileptic seizures.


Klonopin also helps lower the intensity of panic disorder symptoms, such as asphyxia, severe tremor, dizziness, increased sweating, severe palpitations, chest discomfort or pain, numbness, or tingling sensations in the limbs.


The manufacturer and supplier of Klonopin is Roche Company. Today, this powerful tranquilizer is supplied only to the US market. In such countries,as the UK, Australia or Canada, you can buy Klonopingenerics, like Rivotril, Clonapam or Paxam.


In online pharmacies, you can order fast delivery of Klonopin in other countries, including European countries (Germany, France, Spain). In addition, online pharmacies provide an opportunity to buy Klonopin at a discounted price.